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Unleash Your Magnificence

I support women on the journey to Authentic Happiness and Complete Emotional Freedom. 




I'm obsessed with empowering women to living their best life and taking radical responsibility to co-creating it for themselves! 

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I’m Deziree Slusher, a spiritual Sister who has devoted her life to empowering women to their greatness.  I worship my sacred space with God, Jesus, Buddha, Universe; whoever it might be for you.  I read books and study like my life depended on it.  And I’ve got the craziest dog name bubbalubbas who likes to do yoga and meditation! 

I am the CEO/Founder of Eq School launching Fall of 2019!  It will be place for women to be encouraged, educated and empower through tools, experiences, cool content, great products and live events that will change your life forever! 

I am a passionate entrepreneur, speaker,  International Coach and I believe deeply in women following their dreams-whatever those dreams may be!  


"Since starting my coaching with Dezi, I have significantly reduced my anxiety and feel so much more at peace on a daily basis. I truly believe that, with her help, I have been set up on a path for great success in all areas of my life! "

Jamie McCrary

"Dezi has helped me so much in all areas of my life and in finding balance. What she has provided for me is invaluable and I am forever grateful. "

Natash Olson
Intuative Healer, Business Owner

"I have been working with Dezi for 3 years and could not be any happier with her as much coach. Working with her has been one of the BEST decisions of my life! "

Bri Jiminez
Pro MMA Figher

"I have been working with Dezi on various aspects of my life and it has been an amazing gift. "

Shantel Hedrick
Program Manager

What Can My Work Help With?

My approach has been successful for women moving through all kinds of challenges, including: Depression, anxiety, excessive worry, fear, sadness, guilt and anger. Social fears, difficulty healing, feeling “stuck”, unhappy, negative thinking and panic attacks. Stress management, mindfulness, relationships, self-esteem, life and career goals.

Fast Track

This is a deep dive 1 month fast track  program designed to remove your baggage & blocks, gain clarity on what you want in life and stay hyper focused as we get you headed towards your 1 year vision.   

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Conscious Breakthough

 This is a 10 hour deep dive into your unconscious mind.  The purpose of a breakthrough session is to exact the underlying problem you are experiencing and eliminate it so that you can create positive change in your life! 

This is a 28 step process that is lead with life force energy, hypnosis, neuro-linguistics and timeline therapy.

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Your Magnificence

Our 6 month journey together includes a Conscious Breakthrough Session. 

This program is designed to see your blocks keeping you from your greatness and to integrate new ways of thinking, living and even breathing.  Our time together will include healing modalities, visionary techniques, breath-work, strategies, working with the layers of the unconscious mind and so much more!  

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Women all over the world are coming together in Sisterhood! 

Become apart of the Heart Wisdom Movement & Community 

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